And away we go………

So my own little corner, lucky me! All mine with no one telling me what to do! Alyssa has made MANY a passive yet well delivered suggestion but I am sorry to say (for her), they fell on deaf ears.

 My idea behind this “corner” is to have a food orientated section where I can through a few recipes, food photos and the odd video link from time to time. Do not expect a foo foo shee shee, wanna be food critic, self important view on food, wine and restaurants- just good grub and a fun look into what we are shoving into our faces on the road.

Garlic and Rosemary wings

I have to admit, ever since arriving in England I have been completly inspired by all of the produce and products available in every supermarket, things  that I would have no doubt took for granted had I lived here. Colourful arrays of “melting pot” inspired products simply spill off the shelves here, Indian curry sauces and spices, Thai chillies and ingredients, unrivaled dairy (and of course Cheese!), local fruit and veg everywhere, the freshest fish I have seen in years and of course some of the best beef lamb and pork (completely hormone and solution free) a lucky chef like me can get my hands on……the best part, it is all very very affordable, how could I NOT cook all the time?!

With that being said, grab your knives and forks (that is unless you are a friend in America, then it’s just a fork), and check in here every once in a while and see what’s cooking!!!

 let’s get stuck in!

my biggest fan and my nicest critic!

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