Cause Breakin’ Up Is Hard To Do…

Huh— Somehow Ray and I didn’t feel the slightest bit of remorse as we ‘broke up’ with our last mechanic and snatched our lil’ Red V-Dubz away before our Dream Maker became the ‘Poverty Maker.’ (Props to Mr. Hammergren for that one) The breakin’ up part was as easy as makin’ macaroni and cheese (the Kraft-tastic’ kind, but-of-course).  What was tough was stomaching the anger that bubbled up and over the top and tricked me (yes, peaceful and serene me) into wanting to throw the ‘un-clamped exhaust hoses’ at this mechanics house like eggs (not even free range) and hang all the shady wiring he did throughout our van on his front tree like they were Christmas ornaments.

It makes me giggle now that the van is purring like a happy kitty…. but a week ago today we were at our lowest point, and Ray was staring at me blankly as he turned around after checking the oil and was literally holding bits and bobs of the the engine in his hands. *Ruw Row* Moments later, it ‘putt…putt…puttered’ to its death.

But never fear~ we were armed and ready with an address of where to take our sick V-Dubz well before Joe from AAA came to tow us away that fateful Saturday in front of our neighborhood ICO.  (hoooo-ray for the towing perks BTW– and the AAA operator that using the phrase “good-gravy!” as we explained ‘our situation’ to her… Classic….)  This is where our ‘new’ magical mechanic came in- *insert triumphant quartet of trumpets here*….. Dave.  I truly believe that everything happens for  a reason as one could say “it’s such a shame you didn’t meet this extraordinary man that turned your world’s around months ago.”  But that just the thing my friends, we would have never had met him if it wasn’t for going through what we had.  Simple as that.  It was just how our cards were dealt.

Example of his excellence: Dave spent an entire 12 long hour day with us going through the van bumper to bumper. (along with a few moments ‘to break’ to use his welding machine~ you can see why I am drawn to this crazy-pants mechanic…who would allow me to ‘play’ on such a serious piece of machinery I ask of you?) All the while maintaining complete composure as we unabashedly displayed our ‘v-dub-dumb-ness’ and if patience was an art, he would be the next Pablo Picasso.  Ray even did an oil change~ valve adjustment~ break pad change…. I could go on… to make sure we understood our new home; because without a doubt, there will be some ‘severe storms’ within it along the way.  Its 40 years old for Pete-sake! Even all the Botox and fancy pants makeup from the clinique makeup counter at Macy’s on the outside can’t change the weathering underneath….

Easter Sunday, April 24th


Counting Crows~ Hangin’ Around:

I been hangin’ around this town on the corner
I been bummin’ around this old town so long
I been hangin’ around this town on the corner
I been bummin’ around this old town for way too long


Sidenote: I think this is a good time to reflect on one of the more serious purchases (or many divits in our savings~ ouch, its beginning to leave a dent) that we had to make on the van.  Which was just in fact just a month ago.  You see, we were suppose to leave April 6th.  But we were told just a week prior to this that we were going to need a brand new engine, the one we spent $$’s on to be rebuild within the past year was just not going to do.  Surprise! About $3000 later…. and when our old mechanic got around to actually putting it in, that date was April 15th.  On April 16th, Joe the tow man from AAA was taking our Dream Maker away on his flat bed as the operator was squealing ‘good-gravy’ over the phone….



We got a “3 Spoons of sugar in our coffee sweet taste” of the open road yesterday….. of our freedom….. The Dream Maker had been “tweaked and twirked”- all gussied up and we were ready to rock and bloody well roll.  We had two chairs waiting for us at the dining room table in Lake Mills, Iowa to join my Brother and his sister-in-law’s family for Easter Sunday.

I even had my Bunny Ears.

And then, like a scratch of a record our journey ONCE AGAIN got yanked up right from underneath us.  *PUFF*

Let me paint you the picture.  I was at my parents with the last of our possessions all packed up.  We were ready.  It was our time.  It had come down to this moment.

Sidenote: I even had a good ‘sniff’ after watching International House Hunters the night before as a family was moving from Cali to Australia and leaving all their friends/family behind.  It was all starting to really hit me.  You have no idea how may ‘almost’ goodbyes we have had!  This was it…. this bloody cheeseball show just for some reason struck a cord.  Really?  House Hunters was knocking out the tears?  ….Good-Gravy. 😉

So Ray was driving back in the V-Dubz after the final “perfections” from Dave’s shop so we could be on our way towards Iowa, and thats when it happened.  He called me up and told me that he thought the Engine blew.  I thought he was joking.  ….C’mon Ray, why couldn’t have you been joking?

Well, Guess I’ll be hoppin’ to Iowa with these bunny ears today.  I know…. I know what y’all are thinking.

“I better get myself a fluffy white tail.”


Hey you have to keep it light.  I think we are are both still a little numb~ and a lotta’ sad… and there’s a brand spanking NEW unknown in front of us.  The good news is that our sparkily new engine is covered under warranty.  The bad news is #1: WHY did it crap out? (it had all to do with the inner-part of the engine when it was built, we can’t even blame our first mechanic on this one) and #2: how long will it take to make the V-Dubz happy again?  We have to wait now until Monday (tomorrow) before the GEX engine company opens that we purchased it from…. but at least we have Dave our magical mechanic to hold our hand and put a bandaid on it and make it all better once again…. Because we refuse to make this Dream Maker become our “Dream Destroyer.”  *Insert MAJOR foot stomp here.*  .…and a long pull off of my martini glass after.


….although breaking up with our first mechanic made our day as bright as the processed cheese packet from the Kraft box, its a whole different monster ‘breaking up’ with our friends and family.  How many times can we say goodbye?  How many last hugs can we give?  Or last tears share?  Its all about as healthy as my late night order at Taco Bell (Nachos Bell Grande with lots and lots of hot’s and mild sauces pllleeeeease!)

But then as we woke up this beeeautiful Easter Sunday morning greeted by my incredibly loving and supportive parent (how we could get through this without them, I just don’t know) we sat down on the sofa and the first thing on TV was one of Ray’s favorite movie’s…. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.  (tee hee)  And what song were they singing in all their Tinker Bell-tastic-ness?  (in a car no less) ……“From the ashes of disaster grow the roses of success.”

Well shoot, at this rate we are going to have ourselves a bloody rose garden– Slash that– FIELD……..

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