Diva’s Birthday Present.

*gentle cursing inserted here*  “Diva…. NOT TODAY…. not on my birthday!”


This is what happens when you get too comfortable.  This is what happens you forget the mentality of the name.  This is, my friends, what happens when you start. thinking. she’s. ‘invincible.

This is the precise moment that Diva gives you a right slap in the face.  And I must admit, even after all the ‘down the road breakdown-riffic’ moments’ that sends us straight into a jolting halt…. it still stuns you.

Perhaps it’s her special way of letting you know that ‘she’s still here, folks.’  That she’s still filled with 40 year old parts in a metal box with a lawn mower engine.  Jokes on you….

Our new 'Fave' campsite in Tarifa!But yet every time those same beads of sweat appear, and that same sense of dread of the unknown grows deep within as we pull over to discover what the frightening red little engine light on the dashboard could mean for us today.   Its still like the very first time as we look at each other in growing amazement….. “This isn’t happening.”

But in fact it was.  On Ray’s birthday of all days.  Quite a present indeed.

And this time, it was no different.

Thursday, August 2nd- ‘Ray’s Special Day’…. en route to the coastal down of Tarifa:

We were on our way to Tarifa, a vibrant beautiful coastal town (and kite boarding mecca) to spend Ray’s birthday at our new fave campsite that was just on the beach.  We were actually feeling quite pleased with ourselves as we even set off early a.m. to make a heaping day of it.  These days Ray and I don’t find ourselves up much before 9:30am with the work schedule we are keeping; noon to midnight-thirty.  *Duh du dunnnn—gasp, WORK!*  And we have to literally peal ourselves out of bed each day just to make the most out of our few morning hours left before we start our shift.  And if you know us— we are definite cock-a-doole-doooer’s! Those kind of ‘morning people’ that people tend to sneer at.

But today, Diva decided to do a little ‘mocking’ herself.  And as we toddled down the motor way all smug of our ‘morning achievements’ something went ‘POING!’  And we assumed our roles:  I freaked out and Ray maintained his cool.

As we (ahem… Ray) calmly pulled over to a small restaurant parking lot off the road, we inspected the damage.  Our fan belt was literally ripped to shreds and slashed a hose next to it.  It was almost like Diva tiedOur welcomed arrival and new friends! up this birthday present ‘with a bow.’  Fortunately, this ‘bow’ was repairable as we had oodles of spare parts—and with almost a ‘TA-DAAA’ I pulled out the new fan belt from the tool box.  Quick fix, right?

…..2 hours later we were still at that same restaurant parking lot.  I had started to become dazed by what was happening and found myself engrossed with a small kitten and its mother as Ray had literally inserted himself in the engine with his flashlight looking for a small thin ‘spanner’ (washer) that was accidentally dropped and had vanished.  (The engine couldn’t work without it)  And at the worst time ever, because that’s just what I do best…..I call over….“Raaaaay—you have to come look at the cutest little kitty everrrrrrr!”  I think this was the moment he may have lost it. Winking smile

Today I think the Birthday gods were looking down on us, as just then—at that moment, the ‘missing piece’ appeared out of no where….. The day was saved.  The engine sputtered back to life and we (still a little bewildered) were on our way.  Still very weary, but never the less- shocked back into reality.  Diva would not be outshined. Not today.

We may have arrived to the campsite a bit later then planned, but in all actuality- it was perfect timing.  For as soon as we stepped shakily out of Diva, we were welcomed with cava and grilled shrimp from our next-door-eccentric-neighbor and then joined by another young fabulous Spaniard couple.  And just like that, we had an instant afternoon party.  How on earth did they know??  And we would have never had met on such perfect circumstances if it wasn’t for Diva’s Birthday Present.

Happy Ending. Happy BirthdayPerhaps everything happens for a reason.

Happy Birthday Ray…. There is no one more I love celebrating life with then with you.

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