These Are a Few of My Favorite Things…….

To help you remember this famous tune…… (and now it shall be in your heads all day long).


In trying to copy my father’s song writing TALENT, we thought we would give you an inside look to a ‘few of our favorite things’ here in Spain. 



Sung to the Sound of Music Tune “My Favorite Things.”


The 7 degree celcius pools of Cueva Del Gato (40 degrees FarenheitCueva del Gato and Jimera river,

Swimming in ice water it makes you shiver.

Taking advantage of the cool waters of the cueva!

Driving on winding roads that make you scream,

These are a few of my favorite things




Celebrating with new found friends at our favorite windy campsite in Tarifa-town!

Trips to Tarifa where it’s really windy,

Kite boarding failures…..mojitos at midday,

Mojito's always taste better at midday!

Pizza on Mondays with chicken wings,

These are a few of my favorite things!

Ray eating our fave monday treat... CHICKEN WINGS!



When we work hard,

Then we play hard,

...and do we love to play behind the bar! ;)

For not minimal pay.

WAY less then minimal pay 'face.'


I drink me some Cava and let out a SCREAM… and then I don’t feeeeeel….. sooooo baaaaaad!




Shopping trip to RONDA.  Wheeee!

Half days are awesome but that’s after shopping,

Adam and Rachael, they keep us going.

Adam and Rachael... they turn our frowns upside-down.

Pooping in sawdust not as bad as it seems,

These are a few of my favorite things!



The best room on Costa del Sol.... Camping on the beach in Estepona.

Camping on beaches in Estepona,

Hoping the policemen don’t come and move ya,


Beans from a can… lit up by moon beams,

These are few of my favorite things.

Our view whilst eating BEANS in Estepona.


When my legs hurt,

from long hours,

without sitting down….

I couldn't do it any longer, I just HAD to sit down....

I grab an Alhambra and take a big swig,

Taking a big swig... with the best view.  Perfection.

And then I don’t feeeeel…. Sooo… baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad!

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