We were hitchhiking on a Sunday Funday when it happened…..


Ok.  So….. ‘Technically’ it wasn’t a passing vehicle, and we weren’t holding out our thumbs…..

But we were on the side of the road, it was a Sunday Funday & apparently it was also our lucky day as our flip flops were literally melting into the tarmac by the midday heat at the bus stop.   Squinting into the sun we noticed a very nice local restaurant owner waving us over asking if we would like a lift into the nearby town of Jaco where we were working.

When we were driving back the restaurant owner said the most interesting thing…….

Sunday- January 24th:


Hiking Mt Miros to Hermosa Beach

We were feeling adventurous.  It was our day off and we wanted to see what was going on in Jaco’s backyard & knock on  Hermosa Beach’s door for the day.  We had heard it had some wicked and powerful breaks and although Ray wasn’t quite surf-pro yet, we wanted check it out and see what the next level was and hike 6 kms up

and over Mt. Miros to do some yodeling!

It was setting up to be a real ‘Ray- Ring- Your- Clothes- Out‘ kinda day and as we were packing the backpack that Ray would be more or less sweating through & I thought it only fitting to put on my Sunday Funday shirt…. a thoughtful gift from a very dear friend of mine.

Sunday Funday

Sunday Funday in Kenya– Bush Dinner Feb. 2nd, 2013

I had to laugh.  It struck me how Sunday Funday meant so many things to me, in so many places- in SO many different parts of the world.  In fact- February 1st marks exactly a year in which Ray and I departed ol Donyo Lodge in Kenya- & even in Africa not a single Sunday went by where we didn’t ‘acknowledge’ it in someway.  Giving you the perfect chance to well, you know me– Funday it up!  It’s always been an endearing term that I have used for a day that hasn’t always preceded the most ‘glamorous’ day of the week….. and of course, a time or two have tried to trademark the phrase. 😉

But interesting enough, that morning- before our hike, as soon as I slipped on that Sunday Funday shirt, I actually pulled it right back off before we left…… Truth was, I didn’t think my phrase perhaps had found its way here to Costa Rica.


Massive Hermosa Waves!

Yes, yes…. laugh if you will.   Thoughts by Alyssa………. “Why wear a shirt that the logo cannot be interpreted?”  Silly I know.  But regardless, it ended up to be a spectacular Sunday Funday indeed– and it was one of our most amazing days in Costa Rica yet.  Hiked through stunning rainforests….. saw my first McCaw & Toucan- swam exotic pacific ocean waters and body surfed incredible massive waves & then hitchhiked home……….

So, imagine my surprise when the restaurant owner that offered us a lift told us about this amazing idea he had for increasing business on Sundays……


“Whats that??”  I ask.

He looked into his rear view mirror into the backseat at me and very seriously, like I was the first one to ever know and said…..

“I want to start something amazing called- SUNDAY FUNDAY,” he replied.




Speaking of signs……






February 2nd, 2016

LOL! That’s awesome! I thought Sunday Funday was known all over the lands… :)

Uncle sandi

February 3rd, 2016

Youll need to wear your shirt to hus restaurant next time….


February 3rd, 2016

Of course he did!!!???LOVE IT!!