Quite a melting pot…..

… as we wander the wet streets of Dublin, as the sun peaks its head out every once in a Irish moon. We can’t help but marvel at this huge melting pot of cultures…our new past time is guessing the nationalities of the people that pass, which is basically based on how ‘out there’ the clothes and the hairstyles are!

Here is the skinny on the past two days….
Monday after we had wandered around like tired and dirty zombies we finally got to check in to Barnacles hostel right in the middle of Dublin’s drinking district, PERFECT! Anxious to see what we would have as room mates, be it fat snoring German guys, dreadlocked surf dudes from OZ or more loud and obnoxious Americans (tee hee) we were lucky little leprechauns to be bunked up with two fabulous ozzy girls (Mel and Beck). One from Perth and one from Melbourne, how perfect- and already invited to stay with the both of them when we reach the land down unda’. After being delightfully surprised with our new friends, we took a little peak around the town and had our first Guinness (& certainly not the last) in Ireland at the most authentic Irish bar possible…. Celtic musicians and all. (& Ray couldn’t tell the difference between one song to the next, but never the less– amusing)

**Can we just make a quick side note to discuss how BLOODY expensive the Euro is? HOLY HANNA! For every 10 Euros is about $14.99!! Which means every beer is at least 6-7 dollars!?! Zoinks… not good news for the Wyatts. :) Although we were naughty and snuck some beer into the hostel last night before we went out. That’ll teach em’ for robbing us blind for accommodation…. I know location location– but for real!

Tuesday we woke up ALL bright and shiny at 3am. But were able to fall back asleep and awake just in time for a fantastic freeee breakfast of….. TOAST! Hey…. we take back what we said about robbing us blind. Not.
Off walking we went to explore the city. Now Mom, Dad– hope you are sitting, because we went on a…. TOUR. Yup, that’s right…. a tour of the Dublin Castle. You would be so proud. It was a whole 50 minutes of history of Ireland’s culture and struggles. We can’t remember any details but when the women were waiting to dance in the ballroom and would sit by the fire they had ‘wooden screens’ in front of their faces because there makeup was waxed based and would have melted off. 50 minutes well spent… and 9 Euros later….. we decided we needed some REAL culture and off to the Guinness Brewery we went! It was everything we hoped for and more… even ended the tour with a full pint of Guinness overlooking all of Dublin. Fantastic.
Then off to feed our hunger at the beautiful cafe’ en seine, a little Parisian style restaurant we had stumbled upon the day before. Might I again add that Ray did in fact get us there… despite my lack of trust and his internal compass. Bugger. Thank goodness to Greg for his present of a compass before we left! :)
That night we had some laughs with the Ozzy girls as we went out on the town to hear more of the Celtic music we heard the other day (ray swears LITERALLY the SAME music)… It was a great night and ended with a Tandoori chicken sandwich from the local Spar (convenience store) where to our very bad choice (or Ray’s rather) HIS sandwich made him slightly ill and has already got a second look at the sandwich today. If you know what I mean…..
….And here we are now!! Patiently awaiting our pictures to upload onto smug mug… er Brother Bear, why is this taking so long? Its been over 40 minutes I think, and its not even half done… and really I think only about 60 photos…. Ru row! But if this works, and cross our fingers that it does… you will be able to share in a few memories we have already had so far.

…..And tomorrow is off to Scotland…..Ready to blow this Popsicle stand– we have had our share of Dublin… its music… and its very colorful people. Unfortunately, I don’t think the weather will be changing– but hey, its all apart of the experience.

Oh– SUN is peaking out… gotta run… we are wishing everyone well and thinking of you!! Take care and we miss you so much…. Thanks for all your comments already! Its been so much fun reading them….

And of course… before I forget~ as I look at the date– HAPPY 4th OF JULY EVERYONE!!! Hope you all enjoy the Minnesota festivities for us times 2! 

~Lysser’ and Ray

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